• A Sister in my fellowship (FGBMFI) told me about Pertinence Limited land investment in August 2015.

I love Real Estate investment, so I invested and also told a friend in the United States who invested twice of what I invested.  It has appreciated over 100% as I speak.  

Today, we are developing our properties ( Sango Ifo phase 3 – Ilogbo).  No omonile wahala.  

Pst Tunde O.  

Lagos, Nigeria.

  •  A marketer with Pertinence Limited walked into my shop and talked to me about investing in land. I was skeptical initially but I latter invested. I invested in Ewekoro-Itori phase 2.  

As at when I invested (Jan 2016), it was #130,000 (one hundred & thirty thousand naira) for 324sqm.  Right now, same is going for #200,000.

I have taken possession of the land and I’m developing it. No omonile wahala.  In May 2016, I introduced my brother to the company who also invested in Ewekoro – Itori phase 2 and the company paid me 6% commission.

My brother has also taken possession of the land.

Hyginus -  +2348033528165

Lagos, Nigeria.  


  • I am a Ghanaian doing business in Nigeria. I was heavily indebted (In Millions of Naira) before joining Pertinence Limited 2 years ago.

Today my story has changed. In less than one year, I paid up all my debt.

I now drive Toyota Forerunner  & a Sienna, I have  hectares  of land, millions of naira get into my account every month, I have mentees (in Pertinence Limited) around the world that I’m grooming and they are all doing great. 

My old friends & business associates have joined me without my invite. Those that used to mock me are now craving to be my friends. What more can I say? I thank God for opening my eyes to embrace Pertinence Limited.   

Amos Yeboah  (a.k.a Marketing Apostle) 

Lagos, Nigeria. 

  • After the death of my husband, I have done several businesses & jobs to make a living for me and my 4 kids. God used Pertinence Limited to answer my prayers.

In less than 2 years of my joining the company, my kids are amazed at our financial turnaround and people now call me ‘Madam Cash’. 

Justina O.

Lagos, Nigeria


You fall into either of the two groups or both groups above.  Just examine yourself and act.


We are known for INTEGRITY. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

With more than 3,000 clients and over 24 Estate locations, our Customers/Clients are yet to record a case of fraud from us.  Investing with us guarantees you peace of mind; you are in safe hands. Just give us the benefit of doubt and see how it goes.  

An investment with us today could save you countless hassles & financial tension further down the road. Why not do yourself the favor of investing now and watch your investment appreciate in no time.

You don’t need huge amount of money. All you need is a Desire, Plan Strategy, Dreams & Visions. There must be a consuming Desire to own a land/house -  Olorunsheyi  Sunday.  

You don’t have to wait until you can gather money; your first land/house must not be your dream house/land. 

Real estate investment is the best investment today.  Please do not procrastinate; it’s the thief of time.

Make hay while the sun shines. The best time to do anything is now!     

Contact us now Chucks & Lolia) on  +2348170429967, +2348160009959+2348031338778, for your Application form.   


People earn in millions working with us. Last month (September 2016), a partner earned #17,000, 000 (seventeen million naira) as commission. He’s an employee with a Shipping company.    

You too can do same, if not more. Working with us does not take your time or money.  You can be on your regular job and still make extra income working with us.

Irrespective of the nature of your job/business, you can still make a minimum of #100,000 monthly in Real estate, without capital. Come and learn from us.

I can assure you, working with us will change your financial fortune.   

Just make up your mind and contact us – Chucks & Lolia on  +2348170429967, +2348160009959+2348031338778 or fill out the form on page 1. 

 Awaiting your call
Thank you

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